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All human beings want to be loved, respected, regarded, appreciated, needed and noticed etc. Your husband is no exception.
It’s certain that on special occasions like his birthday, your wedding anniversary and among others, you will be. But express your love in form of a gift, card or text message as the case may what about all those lean days, the non event days that make the buck of those days you spend together, you can brighten those days by trying to make them look special too. One unbeatable way to let your husband know how much you care is to shower him with “unexpected little surprises” that will make feel several feet taller. He will adore you for it. Your personal imagination, creativity and intimate knowledge of the relationship will guide you.

This does not mean you should be critic. Don’t tell him how foolish the barber
is by over shaving the hair line. Rather tell him how positively changed he is. Tell him the hair makes him look more handsome, that you don’t believe
it was only a haircut. Be careful not let your praises look flattery. The bible commanded that we should speak honestly and be truthful and not flatter. The Bible says in Job 32, 20, 21
“I must speak to find relief, so let me give my answers. I won’t plat favourites or try to flatter anyone.’’

2. AMUSE HIM                                                                                                                    
Can you make your husband laugh? If yes, then you have the master key to the door of his happiness. If no, you better learn how to make him laugh.
Watch, listen to other people who make their husbands happy outside the home and see what they do. Use your own intelligence, creative mind and the spirit of God in you and before you say ‘chawk’ he will start shaking with laughter and that will endear you to him.
Remember that laughter is truly the world’s best medicine- hence it can even heal coldness in your relationship.

Sometimes, the husband as a man likes to do certain things that wouldn’t include their wives. Most wives find it irritating and start being critical and thereby, start seeing their husbands selfish. Not so, every human being has some secrets, even you. But you need to make feel trapped and lonely, so be wise, whatever he chooses to disclose to you, accept and bear with understanding.

Most wives make the biggest mistakes that cost them their husbands because of what they wear. Some clad wrappers around their breast looking like mothers, not lovers to their husbands. Wears styles and colors he likes. Remember that he sees many beautiful women outside, so keep dressing to attract him. A Nigerian popular preacher, Archbishop Benson Idahosa, remarked that ‘`you are addressed as you dressed.’’ wives should dress well to win their husbands and retain them because there are so many competitors out side.

5. SEEK FOR HIS OPINION                                             
Every husband loves to know how you value his idea. Always ask him for his suggestion in any important decision you make and respect his idea even though you may not agree with it. It makes him a visible leader and he will love you for that.
Touch your husband often. Men want to be touched, teased, caressed etc. Men are so practical that to them touching is loving. And when wives capitalize on such belief, they are bound to have faithful and wide hearted husbands at their disposal. (TO BE CONTINUED)

 This article used here is from a book titled *501 Hints to Making Your Spouse your Best Friend. Author: Pastor Dr. Roland Enearu.   
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