Saturday, 16 May 2015

Advice to Fathers About Their Children:

Advice to Fathers About Their Children:
A Always trust them to God's care.
B Bring them to church.
C Challenge them to high goals.
D Delight in their achievements.
E Exalt the Lord in their presence.
F Frown on evil.
G Give them love.
H Hear their problems.
I Ignore not their childish fears.
J Joyfully accept their apologies.
K Keep their confidence.
L Live a good example before them.
M Make them your friends.
N Never ignore their endless questions.
O Open your home to their visits.
P Pray for them by name.
Q Quicken your interest in their spirituality.
R Remember their needs.
S Show them the way of salvation.
T Teach them to work.
U Understand they are still young.
V Verify your statements.
W Wean them from bad company.
X Expect them to obey.
Y Yearn for God's best for them
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