Saturday, 16 May 2015

Parents Provoke Their Children When...

Parents Provoke Their Children When...
1. They are overprotective.
2. They show favoritism toward one of their children.
3. They compare the accomplishments or abilities of their children.
4. They push achievement, aims, and goals, and in so doing, put undue pressure on     their children.
5. They do not reward or encourage their children.
6. They fail to allow childishness; that is, they do not understand that a child is a child, and not an adult.
7. They neglect their children's needs: spiritually, socially, intellectually and physically.
8. They nag their children.
9. They abuse them with hateful, ugly, and bitter words.
10.They punish them cruelly, or when the punishment is too harsh or severe for the mistake that was made. For more information or Counseling on home, family life, marriage life or  parenting and choosing  life partner contact him                                                        @ or call + 2348084999199, +234 7033600002  visit:;;; Roland Enearu; Dr Roland Enearu; Home and Life Outreach; Dr. Roland Enearu; Home and Life1959Roland

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